Our Story

Hi! I’m Jenny! Owner and educator at Smart Start Learning Academy. 

As a mother of two young boys in Coeur d’Alene working as a full-time teacher, I saw a need. For families with two full-time working parents there were not any options to send their children to pre-kindergarten daycare that offered quality education. As a teacher, I knew the importance of early learning opportunities for kids before they enter the school system. Even though I realized that need, there just weren’t any options for me and my family. And, that need was creating a gap in learning.⁠

I was aware of this gap in learning with my own kids, but also noticed it in my classroom. There is so much to be learned before a child enters school – letters, sounds, fluency, even just how to sit still for periods of time or hold a pencil – these skills all start to develop before public school begins. Some students would enter my 1st grade classroom reading at a 3rd grade level and other students would still not fully know what letters are. There was a noticeable gap and no one addressing it.⁠

After teaching in the public school for 11 years, I took the jump and opened Smart Start Learning Academy in 2014 to address this learning gap. Spurred by a desire to create a daycare offering with caring teachers and quality education that works for all families. 

What We Offer

Building Features

Secured Building

We have a locked and secured building at all times requiring a code to enter and leave.

Outdoor Playground

We have a newly renovated playground that is both safe and fun! We spend our recess outside as much as we can.

Indoor Gym

We offer a large carpeted gym to allow our students to continue to enjoy recess and play during those colder months.

Classroom Sizes

We have 8 classrooms available providing a manageable environment for our teachers and students. Smart Start follows all state childcare guidelines and is a licensed preschool and certified by IdahoSTARS. 

Allergy Friendly

We use proper care and guidelines for food and medicinal allergies.


Ages 2

We currently offer (two) 2 year old classroom groups – Guppies and Goldfish.

Ages 3-4

We offer (three) 3 year old classrooms – Swordfish, Pufferfish, and Starfish.

Ages 4-5

We offer (three) Pre-K classrooms – Dolphins, Sharks, and Stingrays.



We have a dedicated time daily for learning and curriculum between the hours of 9am-11am.


Lokahi Dance opens registration for students periodically to participate and perform a recital. 


Every Wednesday we have our Spanish teacher Nicole provide a fun lesson.

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes program comes every Thursday and introduces the fundamentals of 10 different sports. The kids have a BLAST!

Book Mobile Library

Connie the Librarian brings the Book Mobile to school bi-weekly allowing classrooms to check-out their own books to keep in the classroom!

Visit from the Librarian

Lauren the Librarian visits bi-weekly for a fun and engaging story time with the classrooms. We love to read!

Summer Program

We offer an exclusive summer science program and the kids get to enjoy walking to Jump for Joy periodically.

What Our Families Have To Say!

My family moved from out of state back in July. We found Smart Start online and their affordable and flexible prices were what attracted us. We ended up enrolling our 4year old daughter who had no pre-K or child care experience. She has thrived in just 6 short months knowing how to write her name, count etc. The environment promotes child independence and you as both a student and parent are not just treated as a tuition invoice. I (and both my kids) are greeted by name by all staff members and the owner. It’s a very clean and secure location. I would recommend smart start to anyone I know and am excited to keep my child enrolled for kindergarten!

- Amanda

Being a parent is hard. There are so many decisions we have to make to keep our kids safe, happy, and healthy. We are constantly questioning whether or not we are doing the right thing. One thing I have never had to question, is whether or not Smart Start was the best place for my children to attend. I was very nervous in the beginning, but only because it was my first child and everything was new. My oldest thrived at Smart Start and was more than prepared for her transition to kindergarten. My second child is attending currently, and my baby will absolutely go there as well. The staff is friendly, patient, and caring. They are big on communication and working with the parents to ensure the best experience possible for the kids. I can not recommend Smart Start Learning Academy enough.

- Sara

We are new to the area and it was important to me to find a school for my son so that we could establish a routine and he could be around other kids.
Smart Start was a great find for us! It is an extremely well run school with wonderful caring teachers that love my son like their own. He is learning a ton, making friends and loves going to school!
In addition to the solid academic curriculum, they also offer multiple other classes during the school day that you can choose to include your child in. My son participates in Spanish, Coeur kids (a workout type of class), dance, and art throughout the week.
We have also enjoyed all of the extra little things that they do such as a Halloween parade, a Thanksgiving feast and Santa visiting before Christmas. My son is also looking forward to the summer when they focus on a hands on science curriculum!
Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this school. They are always striving to make sure each child is getting what they need. It’s a good feeling to know that my son is in such good hands all day.
- Shannon

As a parent and educator, I can’t think of a better place to introduce young learners to growth, structure, and school! Our daughter loves the students and staff at Smart Start. We love knowing that she is being offered a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow. We are amazed by the progress she has made in reading and math. The activities offered at Smart Start exceeded our expectations.

- Nikkie

My kids love Smart Start and learned so much the last year! The teachers are well trained and showed care for our two kiddos. They handled the pandemic extremely well and still keep the safety of the students and staff at the highest priority. Highly recommend Smart Start Learning Academy!

- Christian